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Cincinnati, OH

Clifton area

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Christian Rap

Christ-centered message
The story of the song, and plot of the video are based on the message of Christ's sacrifice for us, sinners all over the world.


Present time, but different dimension (so to speak) where a vigilante group has taken over the world – taking justice into their own hands. We don’t know their name, but we see their logo/symbol throughout the city. Their battle cry, "ALL SINS MUST BE ATONED FOR" (peccatorum omnium luenda est - latin).

They are proud and angry. Representing the self-righteous judgement seat that people place themselves in; judging the sins of others while being sinners themselves.  Their mission is to find and dispose of sinners, at any cost. No rules. Law enforcement is nowhere in sight, even the evening news is in on tipping them off on where to find “known sinners” – this vigilante mob handles crime now.


Lesun has done something wrong, we don't know what. All we know is that he is running for his life. The vigilante mob is committed to finding and killing him. They chase him on foot.

Throughout, Lesun receives help and direction from a man he doesn't know, who appears almost supernaturally at different locations throughout the chase. At one point, the man tosses Lesun keys to a vehicle to get out of the city and away from the angry vigilante mob chasing him. A car chase ensues.

The story ends in a dark field, where Lesun surrenders as he is surrounded by the mob. They are holding guns and hanging a rope from a tree... his death is imminent. As he is being subdued, we see that the nameless man who helped Lesun all along switched places with him, took his punishment, sacrificed his life so Lesun could escape into the woods.

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"Run and Hide" music video

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